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Adeptus Custodes Rumor Round-up


Zlatí hoši z Terry se vrací a to v značně drsném stylu. Podíváme se tedy na souhrn informací, které jsou nyní „venku“


Tady máme odkazy na zdroje z Warhammer Community, pěkně postupně :

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Part 5: Stratagems

No, oproti původním třem jednotkám hodně změna. Vypadá to, že Adeptus Custodes budou mnohem podobnější těm z Horus Heresy – Mnohem odolnější, mnohem silnější, ale malý v počtech.
Hodně jsem zvědav na hratelnost jetbikes, protože to může být nádherná armáda, zvláště pak HQ na jetbiku může mít slušný potenciál.

V čem ale Adeptus Custodes doslova válcuje zbytek, tak jsou Stratagemy. Některé jsou vskutku brutální.

Na nakonec „leaknutá“ pravidla a nějaký ten swag  :

General Info:

– Allarus can move 6″ – 84pts each with axe
– Shield Captain – 122pts with spear, 160pts on Dawneagle
– Balistus Grenade Launcher – Assault d3 S4AP-3 1D
– Dawneagle 90pts. 105pts with salvo launcher
– Wardens are 61pts with axe
– Vexillus Praetors allow reroll of morale for Imperium infantry or bikers AS WELL as the choice of banner bonus

Lore: The white armoured Solar Watch aren’t genetech guardians like originally thought. They are the Sol system guardians, patrolling the system and defense lines.


– Raiment of Sorrows: Vexilla or armour (I forget) allows nearby killed Custodes model to fight or shoot again on a 4+

– Eagle’s Eye: +1 Invuln

– Praetorian Plate: Choose friendly Imperium character pregame. At any point in the game, if your protection target is within 1″ of an enemy unit at the end of the enemy charge phase, you can remove the bearer from where they are (even reserves) and place them within 1″ of the enemy and 3″ of the protection target. A trans-dimensional heroic intervention!

– Wrath Angelis: Vexilla Magnifica only – Imperium inf and bikes autopass morale. Can call in an orbital bombardment. D3 MW on a 4+, Custodes only hit on a 6

– Castellan’s Mark. If bearer is on battlefield at beginning of the beginning of the game but before turn 1. Lets you redeploy bearer and friendly unit.

– Auric Shackles: Reduce enemy character attacks by 1 within 6″. If the bearer kills the warlord, you get bonus VPs.

– Auric Aquilis: 3++ jetbike, reroll charge rolls.

– Fulmenaris Aggressor: Replace vexilla – Apparently shoots lightning and can be used as a melee weapon.

– Obliteratum – S10AP-4 D3D grenade launcher.

– Faith Absolute: Vexilla – Allows deny the witch.


3CP – Vexilla Teleport homer: Can set up teleporting unit within 6″ of vexilla (who’s been on the board all turn) and more than 3″ from the enemy
1CP – Unflinching: 5+ overwatch
1CP – Indomnitable Guardians: After enemy charges and fights. Choose unit within 3″ of an objective then fight with them
1CP – Inspire Fear: +1 Enemy morale tests
1CP – Burst missile net: If all fire Flakkburst at the same flying target, reroll wounds
1CP – Spark of Divinity: When psyker uses power within 12″, can deny the witch
1CP – Plant the Vexilla: If vexillarus doesn’t move, increase range by 6″
1CP – Castellan Strike: Choose unit in fight phase with more than 1 axe. Increase AP to -3
1CP – Eyes of the Emperor: Can discard and draw new tactical objective
1CP – Bringers of the Emperor’s Justice: When a Custodes unit fights, 6s to hit allow another attack with that weapon. 4+ vs black legion
2CP – Ever Vigilant: Use when the enemy sets up a unit as reinforcements within 12″. Can shoot at them with -1 to hit
2CP – Sentinel Storm: At end of enemy shooting phase, unit with sentinel blades can fire them as if in the shooting phase
2CP – Victor of the Blood Games: Select a character before the game. Can reroll 1 hit, wound and save roll per turn (wow)

Warlord Traits:

Champion of the Imperium: Nearby infantry, bikers and dreads can make heroic interventions (Trajann’s trait apparently)
Emperor’s Companion: Reroll damage dice
Radiant Mantle: -1 to hit them
Peerless warrior: Each 6 to hit allows another
Superior Creation: 5+ wound ignore
Impregnable Mind: Deny the witch each turn (also get +1 to it)


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