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W40K – Oficiální FAQ


Zhruba po půl roce došlo k oficiálnímu vydání FAQ (Frequently asked questions) a errat v W40K. Kompletní znění lze najít zde : Final FAQ.

Pojďme se ale podívat na ty nejdůležitější, které ovlivní zažité herní mechanismy a zvyky hráčů.

Q: How do you handle situations where you are attempting to charge a model that is on top of something, where there is no room for a model to be in base contact?
A: The ‘Wobbly Model Syndrome’ rule applies – place the model as near as possible, and keep a note of its actual position. It is assumed to be in base contact with the other model.

Takže debata na téma „Blokování modelů tak, že se nedostaneš do B2B a tedy nemůžeš chargovat“ je ukončena.

Q: Do a Flyer’s wings and tail count as part of its hull? (e.g. If you can only see a wing can you shoot at it? If you are only in range of the wing can you shoot at or charge it? When hovering, can the wing get you Linebreaker if it is within 12″ of the board edge?)
A: Yes, a Flyer’s wings and tail are considered part of the hull in all respects.

Tohle tuším také nebylo zcela zjevné.

Q: Is the maximum number of powers a Psyker can use in their turn equal to their Mastery Level, or the number of powers they have (due to Psychic Focus they often have one more power than their Mastery Level)?
A: Unless explicitly permitted to do so, Psykers may not attempt to manifest more psychic powers than the number of their Mastery Level within a single Psychic phase.

Tohle je také dobré vědět.

Q: Does the To Hit roll for certain witchfire powers that affect ‘targeted models’ care what the result of the To Hit roll is?
A: If a witchfire power does not have a profile, follow the instructions written for that power instead – this includes most focussed witchfire powers. If a witchfire power has a profile, and is manifested successfully, it rolls to hit in the same manner as a shooting attack.

Autohit psychic screamem?

Q: How does a unit consisting of a mix of Cavalry, Bike, Jump Pack and Infantry models move, Run, Turbo-boost and charge? Do they all use their respective rules while maintaining squad coherency?
A: Yes. Models move individually, so in the Movement phase each model in this unit can move up to their maximum movement allowance so long as the unit is in unit coherency at the end of the move. If the unit elects to Run, no models in the unit may shoot. The unit doesn’t benefit from the Cavalry model’s Fleet rule, as that only applies if every model in the unit has the Fleet rule. If the unit Runs, the Bike may Turbo-boost, but must finish its move in unit coherency. When charging, the Jump model may use its jump pack (if it did not do so in the Movement phase) to re-roll the charge distance – however that model, and only that model, must use the new distance rolled.

Opět dobré vědět, jak hýbat jednotkou z různých typů

Q: Can a Monstrous Creature charge multiple units?
A: No

V původních FAQ-draftu to bylo lehce jinak. A lehce znamená úplně opačně.

Q: Can Swooping Flying Monstrous Creatures be hit with Blast or Template attacks that don’t target them, such as scattered Blasts and vehicle explosions?
A: No.

Také dobré vědět.

Q: Are models in a unit that destroyed a Walker in close combat allowed to Consolidate?
A: No

Pro jistotu.

Q: Can ‘Look Out, Sir’ attempts be made against Stomp attacks?
A: Yes, unless an Overrun result is rolled.

Čvacht je čvacht. Stále a pořád.

Q: Does an Aegis Defence Line have to be deployed as one continuous line?
A: Yes.

Opět, dobré vědět.

Q: How many relics/artefacts can a single model be equipped with?
A: A model can only be given a single relic or artefact unless specifically noted otherwise.

Opět mohlo být ne zcela zjevné.

Q: How do special rules like Hatred, Preferred Enemy and Monster Hunter work when targeting a mixed unit that contains models your special rule effects as well as models it doesn’t?
A: The rules mentioned are used if any model in the target unit is of the appropriate type.

Tohle je hodně důležité. Častá to otázka na prefered enemy – psykers, ind. characters a tak.

Q: How many Hull Points does a vehicle lose when you roll 2 simultaneous sixes when using Graviton weapons?
A: It loses 3 Hull Points.

Grab. Grab. Klarifikováno.

Q: Using grenades in the Assault phase. Can every model replace their close combat attacks with a single grenade attack or just one model in the unit? Like in the Shooting phase e.g. a unit of 5 Tau Pathfinders charge a Knight. Do 5 Pathfinders make close combat haywire grenade attacks?
A: Only one model from the unit can attack with a grenade in the Assault phase. Per Warhammer 40,000: The Rules, ‘Only one grenade (of any type) can be thrown by a unit per phase’.

Toto je velká a důležitá změna! Bohužel tím končí krakgranáty v blobu, případně plně vybavení meltabomb veteráni. Jedna jednotka, jeden granát, jeden útok.

Page 68 – Flying Monstrous Creatures, Deployment

Add the following sentence to the end of the paragraph:

‘If a Flying Monstrous Creature is conjured or otherwise summoned during the course of the game, as soon as it enters play, you must declare whether it is in Swooping or Gliding mode.’

Ha! Použitelný Bloodthirster z vyvolávání!

Page 96 – Super-heavy Walkers, Movement and Shooting

Replace the first sentence with the following:

‘Super-heavy Walkers can move 12″ in the Movement phase. If moving into or within difficult terrain, double the result of the highest dice roll when making a Difficult Terrain test – this is the maximum distance in inches that the model can move.’

Jasně, dává smysl.

Page 164 – Gets Hot, Gets Hot and Re-rolls

Replace the sentence with the following:

‘If a model has the ability to re-roll its rolls To Hit (including because of BS6+ or the Twin-linked special rule), a Wound is only suffered if the To Hit re-roll is a 1; it may also re-roll Gets Hot results of 1 for weapons that do not roll To Hit.’

Také nebývalo, resp. v minulé verzi FAQ bylo trošku jinak.


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