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My first tournament! (aneb Ondra jede na VMT)


Máme zde i vítězný report Ondry, podrobnosti o jeho armádě můžete nalézt na jeho blogu.


As I have mentioned before, I attended my first tournament this weekend. It was semi-competetive/semi casual tournament with some rules on listbuilding:

2000 points. Maximum 2 detachments, maximum 1 named character, maximum 3 same units (Troops&Dedicated transports), maximum 2 same units in other slots across whole army. Fullpaint/tabletop heavily recommended.

At the beginning I have tried to make a fluffy tri-wing list, maybe include some Primaris, but it was early on visible that I cannot manage to pilot my own list, as I am a nab and know nothing. I turned to help to the most awesome Dark Angely place on this planet possible – Bolter and Chainsword Dark Angels section of the forum. Here, user Solrac (who I understand is a high ranking or at least very experienced ITC Dark Angel player) keeps posting his lists and scores. I have visited the thread and sort of copied his initial 8th ed list and changed it to match the tournament specs. With some discussion with him in the thread and valuable feedback from r/WarhammerCompetetive on the list, I was ready to get painting.

The shopping+painting list at that point has been – Darkshroud, Dark Talon, Grand Master Nakir (Azrael counts-as), Techmarine on Bike, 2×5 Las Tac squads, 3×5 bolter/HB scouts, 2 Razorbacks, 2 Predators and Librarian. While I already had the the Tactical box, Razorback box and some odd bits and bobs I have ordered the remaining boxes and special bits (Assault canon Razorback turrets from Kromlech, Techmarine backpack from Anvil) and went to town. I had to borrow a Razorback and Predator, had scouts in backup from another local Dark Angel player but luckily managed to push myself to paint mine so I didn’t have clown army and onto the tournament I went.

The list has been 2 Battalions for total of 10 CP.


Primaris Lieutenant (Boltgun)

3×5 tacticals (Las + Combi flamer, Las+ Combi flamer, Plasmagun + Combi plasma; pistols on all)

3x Assault cannon Razorback

1x Dark Talon

1x Darkshroud (Assault cannon)

2x Predator (Full Las + Las sponsons and Autocannon)

Techmarine on Bike (Arm)

Librarian (Power sword, plasma pistol)

3×5 Scouts (Bolters + HB, pistols)

Bang on 1985 points. I could’ve filled the 15 points with some upgrades and whatnot, but my original list had Azrael and Ezekiel on it (reading comprehension = 0) so I was asked by the TO to change the list accordingly, so I replaced Ezekiel and upgunned the Darkshroud to Assault Cannon and just submitted the list.

The tournament has been called “Great Costume Tournament”, apparently another in series of Great XYZ Tournaments (there have been Pirate, Valentine etc variations) and players were encouraged to come in costumes – I did not. There were special stratagems for costumed players (like denying a reroll, paying extra to use same stratagem twice etc) so fun was had by all.

I want to preface the following that I was super excited and nervous, my camera was shite and I did not take any notes. As well except for the matches on Day 2 I have no idea what are the opponent units called etc, so most unit designations will be “that thing over there”.

Game 1 – Necrons with “pyramid that has a dude in it”

Woo, super resilient reviving space skeletons with bloody fucking murder pyramid. That were my thoughts going into first game. My opponent was a nice enough fella and the mission was Open War cards (1 deployment, 2 objective, 2 twist cards at the same time). Unfortunately for my opponent, we have drawn the following. To make his problems bigger, I managed to win deployment roll-off and went first.

I have decided Necron will go into the middle, I have taken one corner with gunline and the other corner with scouts and razorback to keep him distracted of possible flank, and started the shooting gallery.

Not knowing what to do exactly, I decided to focus fire that big pointy thing in the middle of the table (as Necron warriors etc didn’t to me pose a threat with Darkshroud cover and Acid rain active – or so I thought) and ruffled some feathers from the flank on those snaily scarabs. The flank was in turn broken and forced, but little did my opponent know that this was just my clever ruse to break his focus. MWAHAHAHA. 2nd round Acid rain stopped. More shooting and flybys ensued.

VMT (13 of 62)
Bombs away!

With 3 remaining wounds the pyramid was quickly dealt with by the Dark Talon, exploded and took care of most of the warriors still standing. At this point in Round 3 it already looked like we’re going to be 20-0, but my opponent kept on fighting – props for that. He managed to sweep the flanking up to my corner bubble where a Razorback and tacticals were waiting on objective and finally managed to wipe them. In this turn my opponent remembered he had reserves (some guys with shovels for hands) – they came behind me and made a valiant charge into Lieutenant, DarkShroud and something else. Were decimated with overwatch fire a bit and then proceeded to not do much of anything and in turn died from BRRRRRRT fire from 2 Razorbacks after I run away from the combat.

VMT (18 of 62)

Final shot of the game – both in-game and with camera:

He did not fare well. 20-0 in 4th round. I think the deployment and first turn completely crippled my opponent against the type of army I have been playing and adding some dice luck and fortune (or misfortune) were the deciding factors of the game.

At this point I was a bit disgusted with the power level of the list quite frankly, but also very happy that it worked very nicely by itself.


Game 2 I have been paired against Thousand sons including the Big Titty Monster. I had a game for 1K points against them at the beginning of 8th and I remember being Smited (Smitten? Smote?) off the board very quickly with my marines, as -1 D1 shots were not really effective against their Terminators. The interesting part was the mission. This was first “tournament specific” mission called Phantom of the Opera. Deployment has been like this:


The fun part? In middle of map has been objective (Relic) and a model of Solitaire. The Solitaire moved each turn 2D6 scatter, could not run off the table, if ended in close combat distance from another unit was considered attacking it and was worth 6 VPs if killed.

The still-more-fun part? He had Mortarion stats.

My thinking was to keep a gunline to get Magnus down as quickly as possible and completely ignore Solitarion unless he comes my way. Opponent had first drop and his first 3 drops were Terminators and Lord into deep strike. With that I did some scout deploys to deny space, then Magnus came and on my end gunline started forming. Then there were some Chaos tacticals drops behind ruins into cover and my plan started taking better shape as the only visible thing has been Solitarion (right, like I was gonna poke that one) and Magnus.

No idea whether I managed to roll 2 higher than him on go first and resisted seize or seized myself, but I went first. Solitarion decided to scoot up along enemy deployment zone – the further away from me the better I thought.


With as much deepstrike deniability as possible, I started shooting. 6 Lashots in, 4 hit and wounded, 2 were not saved. 2D6 damage on Magnus…

VMT (32 of 62)
Blurry sixes.

Quite honestly the dice deserved better shot than this. This was the most important roll I made in the whole game. I ended my turn with Magnus on 5 wounds left. Go me.

My opponent’s turn 1 begun by some movement, all the deepstrikes and shit-ton (that’s a metric when playing Thousand sons) of Smites at Solitarion.


With Solitarion down to 2 wounds remaining, my opponent decided that he wants those 6 VPs. Magnus charged in. Dice were rolled, cholers were rising. I have saved EVERY. SINGLE. ATTACK. made against Solitarion and in turn took what was left of Magnus and banished him back to Warp.

My turn 2 – Solitarion with 2W left decided to jump towards my scouts at which point, with Magnus dead, and everything else outside my firing visibility – has been quickly executed by my gunline that moved up. I shot up with Dark Talon and a full Razorback to flank the Terminators. At this point the game has been pretty much decided, I just had to make sure I will hold the Relic at end of the game and I’m good. I managed to sweep his Terminators in the end, did some damage on Chaos space marines. As he didn’t really put much of a dent into my forces, another resounding win for Dark Angels.


Props to my opponent for playing Thousand sons in a Pharaoh costume with blindfold to have only 1 eye. Sorry for the 12 there on the damage roll. That wasn’t fair in the slightest, but I was scared shitless of Magnus so I do not feel any remorse.


The last game of day 1, Game 3, put me against Orcs (against the guy who won the tournament on General score). Quite frankly, with good Open War mission, deployment, twists, objectives AND going first I could’ve possibly hoped to maybe manage a tie. Maybe, if all stars aligned. I didn’t go first. We didn’t do Open War mission.

This was another tournament made mission, loosely translated as “Pilsner butchering” the name of which has been made famous (or so I’ve been told) on some previous tournament where two armies rushed middle and duked it out there. Deployment was along the long edge, 3 objectives in the middle (center + 18″ both ways). The twist? You scored VPs for each unit in 12″ bubble of the centre objective and had -1 VP deduction for each unit still in your deployment zone. Pure joy for my gunline bubble.

Long story short, Green Tide swept over me. I made some mistakes in deployment and bubble wrap:

  1. He had Commandoes (?) in reserves, 2 units. Knowing how much reserve units usually screwed my army, I deployed very wide to deny space. If I knew what quality unit they are, I would’ve kept the blob closer with proper bubblewrap.
  2. I fucked up the little bubblewrap I could do by standing so close to my tanks that dem Orkz were able to consolidate onto my armour. I should’ve put two ranks of defense – Scouts first, Marines behind them out of consolidation range, and gunline behind that out of consolidation range again. Sacrifice – shoot – sacrifice – shoot.

Not saying this would change the outcome in the battle in any way, but I would take more of them down with me.

Shoutout a Razorback that held 3 turns a flank with 10 Commandos and about 10 Rocket orcs on itself, refusing to yield. Good guy.


I was a bit disgusted after this game and I am affraid I said as much to my opponent – for which I am sorry; it was definitely not meant against the way he or his army played. I made really stupid mistake at the beginning and then was suprised how good the Orcs were at everything from magic through shooting, to moving and charging and smashing (well no surprise there) and morale breaking. I couldn’t do anything. So yeah. Regardless, lesson learned about deployment – I still don’t think I could ever win this mission, not even tie this one, but if I had more experience I could’ve send more of the bastards to meet the Emperor.


After this I just wandered around, took some photos of other armies and of the 4 tables that were dedicated to Bolt Action.


Nadšený gamer, primárně Warhammeru....a milovník piva


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